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Building Good Business Relationships Begins with Internal Teamwork

Before we, as business leaders, can build lasting relationships with our customers, we must first nurture internal relationships based on mutual respect and trust. While this is a gradual process, the benefits of collaborating as a team are seen immediately.

Courtesy of Rhonda R. Savage, D.D.S. (@rhondasavage), and HVACR Business, here are some tips to foster teamwork within your organization as you strive to facilitate accountability and build trust among your team.

  1. Define duties with teamwork in mind.
  2. Be clear with prospective employees during the interview process
  3. Define your expectations in an office policy manual
  4. Determine time commitments and plan adequately for each task
  5. Don’t overload your staff with too many commitments or too many interruptions
  6. Follow through by putting a note on your calendar to check on progress of tasks
  7. Avoid showing favoritism toward specific team members
  8. Encourage your team members to stand up and lead
  9. Open the lines of communication by having an open-door policy
  10. Ask your team members to fully support one another

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