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Archive for April 27, 2012

Employee Spotlight: Kirk Wilson

Kirk Wilson is currently Bruner’s Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/ Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialist and has worked for us for 6 years. As a member of the CAD department, his primary responsibilities include conducting and managing BIM/VDC coordination and practices, along with fulfilling other CAD and project presentation needs. Kirk’s favorite part of his job is being able to work on a project team assisting others in order to make the project successful. Additionally throughout the six years that he has been with Bruner, Kirk has always enjoyed seeing buildings and other objects coming to life from an empty piece of land.

When he’s not on the job, Kirk enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and working on home projects. Also in his free time he cheers on the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cleveland Browns. His “absolutely favorite” foods are steak or chicken on the grill. His favorite vacation destinations are Florida and the Caribbean.  His favorite day of the week happens to be Friday, and finally his favorite holiday is the 4th of July.


Fast Track Prefab for Scioto Downs Casino

The Scioto Downs Casino is a fast track project. The construction of the building must be concluded in six months, with all HVAC and plumbing finished in months two and three of the project.

Bruner Corporation has performed many fast track jobs in the past, but not as short as this. In order to accomplish this task, prefabrication was a necessity. Bruner developed an aggressive plan that entailed the prefabrication of all ductwork and plumbing fixture rough-in piping systems in our shops. The fixtures would subsequently be shipped to the project on a just-in-time basis.

The prefabrication process consisted of 60,000 pounds of ductwork and 2,500 feet of waste and vent, and domestic water piping. Modular restroom assemblies were prefabbed for 161 fixtures. Twenty-one batteries were shipped to the project, rolled in to place, and finish piped in four weeks.

Bruner met our commitment to our customer with the detailed planning and coordination between our fab shop and field teams.

Thanks to all those who made this project a tremendous success.

Glenn Hagler Enjoys Customer Focus

Glenn Hagler

Glenn Hagler isn’t one for titles, but when he has to have one, he’s the Director of Business Development for Bruner. That means his job is to help our customers identify and quantify the value of their energy efficiency opportunities. “I get to help them save money and the environment,” Hagler said. He enjoys getting to focus solely on our customers. “When we do it right – and we normally do – we help them improve their facilities, reduce their energy consumption, and develop a trusted, long-term partnership with Bruner.” Despite all the great work he has done with our customers thus far, Glenn still considers himself “the new guy,” having only been with the company for less than one year.

,p>When he’s not working, Glenn likes to play tennis and golf, but he really cherishes the opportunities to watch his kids compete and succeed, whether the competition is in sports, arts, or academics. “It’s all good!” Glenn said – a saying that rubbed off on him from close colleague Eric Kuns. Glenn also enjoys football Saturdays when he can watch the Ohio State Buckeyes, indulging in desserts, and vacationing at the beach.

Glenn also shared a story with me regarding the dog he bought for his children and nearly killed in a headstand accident, but I’ll leave out the gory details.

Visitors to Columbus’ Santa Maria can safely explore thanks to Jim Clark and Bruner Corporation

The Santa Maria Ship Museum in downtown Columbus welcomes all visitors to its 21st year in exhibition. In preparation of the 2012 tour season, improvements were made to the riverfront destination. One of these improvements included new safety rail installations attached to the

Visitors Center dock. With donated steel from Bruner Corporation, Jim Clark, Senior Design Engineer, spent his weekends designing & constructing the necessary safety rails. The challenge was positioning the rail posts deep enough below the dock to securely stabilize them. The finished design resulted in new, safe & secure dockside chain railings. Several Bruner employees also contributed to the effort including Rocky Carr, Purchasing Manager, and Kenny Brown, Fabrication Shop Foreman.

On behalf of Santa Maria, Inc., and the ship’s governing board of officers; Jim invites you to visit the ship this season. More information on tour hours and rates can be found at Learn about the experience & adventures of our city’s namesake, and while you’re there, take notice of Jim’s hard work!

Is Your HVAC System Prepared for April Showers?

With April showers well on their way, one customer asked the question, “How does all this rain affect my HVAC system?”

Bruner Engineer John Mrofchak has the answer:

An air cooled condensing unit could operate more efficiently with a lower discharge pressure when it is raining outside or when cooled with moisture. However, air cooled condensing units are typically not designed to be continually sprayed with moisture. Continual moisture could create several issues, including electrical, compressor, and condenser coil damage.
Compressor damage could result by water spray overcooling the condenser, and liquid refrigerant returning to the compressor. Compressors are designed to compress gas, not liquid. The refrigerant in an air conditioning system changes state from liquid to gas as part of the air conditioning process.
The condenser coil could be damaged by poor spray water quality. Another type of outdoor condensing unit is an evaporative condenser. If you have an evaporative condenser, you’re in the clear; they are designed to be continually sprayed with moisture.

For a more detailed explanation or assistance preparing your systems for the influx of moisture, contact Bruner Corporation at (614) 334-9000.