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A Closer Look at One of our Project Coordinators: Micah Alexander


Working for Bruner for 13 years, Micah Alexander holds the title of Project Coordinator. She considers herself a “concierge” because she helps with all projects here at Bruner, ranging from small to large. Because of her role, her favorite part of working for our company is that she never knows what is going to happen when she walks through the door in the morning. This exciting uncertainty is a good thing for Micah because it prevents her from ever getting bored with her job. She also firmly believes that you can do anything you put your mind to, and tries to be a walking example of that every day.

Outside of Bruner, Micah loves to swim at her local gym. She says that it “gets rid of a lot of stress” which helps her relax. Her favorite food is simple, as she enjoys cheese pizza. The sports teams that she cheers on the most are any teams that her sons play on. Along with her love of winter, coincidentally her favorite holiday is Christmas. When she takes time off for vacation, Micah’s favorite spot is the internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, and fine dining—Las Vegas.



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