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Employee Spotlight: Andrea Scott

Andrea Scott has worked with Bruner for a total of 9 years and her title is currently A/P Coordinator. In her position she is responsible for taking care of and managing all vendors, subcontractors, and employee expenses. Andrea’s favorite part of her job thus far is being involved with Bruner’s vendors and subcontractors because it is the exact opposite of being in direct contact with Bruner’s customers. However, she says she likes to treat Bruner’s vendors as though they are customers while trying to assist and maintain a positive relationship with them as much as possible.

Outside of work, Andrea likes to be creative with home projects and always has something she is working on. She loves a girl’s night out, but also enjoys spending time with her children. Andrea has two “babies”, Hannah who is 17 and is graduating high school this year, and Mark Allen who is 14 and is an awesome cross country/track runner. Her favorite sports team includes anything that her children are involved in.

Every summer Andrea and her girlfriends do a long girls weekend and visit wineries surrounding the Lake Erie area making it her favorite vacation spot, but her dream is to vacation in Paris. Her favorite food is a “fabulous filet mignon”, and her favorite day of the week is Saturday. She is currently in the process of purchasing her first home, and is very excited about it!



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