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Meet Bruner’s Service Estimator Team!

Similar to our employee spotlight that we have each month, this month we will be highlighting two of Bruner’s service estimators – Lowell McElroy and Steve Price. Both Lowell and Steve estimate equipment repairs for the service department based on site visits, call-in business, and preventative maintenance or service call recommendations from a technician’s suggestions. They have also worked with engineers to help strategize for job preparation and execution. Let’s dig a little deeper in to each of their individual fun facts!

Lowell McElroy:

Lowell is going on his 14th year here at Bruner, and his favorite part of the job is that most days are different and he gets to meet and talk to new people. In his free time, he enjoys a little R&R, travel baseball, boating, and spending time with his family and friends. When it comes to food, he “likes it hot!”. Lowell cheers for the Steelers and his favorite season is fall. Surprisingly, his favorite vacation spot is home, but he also enjoys traveling to Tennessee and on occasion the beach.

Steve Price:

Steve has been with Bruner for 4 years, and his favorite part of the job is that it has allowed him to morph into many roles. Another aspect that he enjoys are the great co-workers that he gets to work with every day. Steve is currently enrolled as a full time student as well, working towards earning a degree in psychology. While he has been in customer service positions for half of his life, he can’t wait to get into psychology because it is something that has always been a dream of his. Steve’s favorite sports team is the Ohio State Buckeyes, and his favorite day of the week is Saturday. Lucky for him, his favorite holiday is just around the corner as it is Halloween. On a final note, Steve believes trust is an important value and is sure to instill this in is daughter as he watches her grow up.

5 Workplace Trends in 2012

As the workplace continues to evolve, be sure to keep up with your competitors by considering the following new trends in the workplace! For most companies, these new trends have potential to evolve into growth of your company.

1. Movement from management to leadership values – Employees can determine when an organization’s walk doesn’t fit the talk, and they are getting impatient working for managers who are less self-aware than they are. Instead, individuals today must lead with values such as collaboration and shared purpose. By engaging the workforce in a compelling shared vision and engaging their hearts as well as their minds, leaders can reap the best results.

2. A focus on workplace culture as a means to grow the business – Dedicating time, energy, and resources into creating a sustainable culture can eliminate money spent on marketing (think Google, Panera). Customers patronize businesses that care about their employees, and will even pay more if they believe their values are shared by the company.

3. Diversity makes a comeback – Today, organizations have a renewed interest in diversity, and it has to do with the customer and shareholders. From a customer relations perspective, companies need people inside their organizations who are representative of the people they are trying to reach outside.

4. Rise of virtual work relations – Although they can make it seem like you’re connected to the workplace 24/7, sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn makes it easier to retain relationships with current and past co-workers. This allows for greater amounts of information and expertise to be shared and leveraged which is always a benefit!

5. Organizations are getting flatter – Instant access technology means that employees are not as dependent on the hierarchies of the past for information. With that being said, managers can expect a new definition of team work. Instead of playing your individual role in the team, it’s all about what everyone is chipping in to accomplish what is needed.

Employee Spotlight: Doug Linnabary

Dough Linnabary has been with Bruner since March of 2006. Currently working under the title of Job Support, Doug looks over the daily progress of job sites, creates schedules and makes sure they are carried out, over-sees and approves fabrication, and schedules materials and equipment. According to him, he is “basically the chief cook and bottle washer”.  His favorite part of the job thus far is seeing Project Noble come to a close. Project Noble has been very challenging to Doug in many ways, too many of which to list. Doug’s always liked completing a goal with his workers and standing back and being proud to put Bruner’s name on it.

Outside of Bruner, Doug likes to spend time with his family. He is very close to his four children and wife of 28 years this September. He isn’t quite sure “how she has put up with him this long”. He is also politically involved in the community that he lives in, loves to hunt, fish, water and snow ski, go boating, garden (not just flowers, vegetables too!), go motorcycling, and also work with wood. His favorite food is a traditional German dish called Rollauden. When asked what his favorite spots team was, he responded “the Browns of course”. Doug’s favorite vacation spot is Boone, North Carolina. His favorite colors are green, blue, and orange and specifically in that order! Finally, Doug’s favorite day of the week is “any day above the dirt”.

Another spotlight complete on one of our hard-working, trustworthy Bruner employees! Does Doug sounds like someone you would like to work with? Check out our career page for the latest openings and apply today if applicable.

A Closer Look at One of our Project Coordinators: Micah Alexander


Working for Bruner for 13 years, Micah Alexander holds the title of Project Coordinator. She considers herself a “concierge” because she helps with all projects here at Bruner, ranging from small to large. Because of her role, her favorite part of working for our company is that she never knows what is going to happen when she walks through the door in the morning. This exciting uncertainty is a good thing for Micah because it prevents her from ever getting bored with her job. She also firmly believes that you can do anything you put your mind to, and tries to be a walking example of that every day.

Outside of Bruner, Micah loves to swim at her local gym. She says that it “gets rid of a lot of stress” which helps her relax. Her favorite food is simple, as she enjoys cheese pizza. The sports teams that she cheers on the most are any teams that her sons play on. Along with her love of winter, coincidentally her favorite holiday is Christmas. When she takes time off for vacation, Micah’s favorite spot is the internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, and fine dining—Las Vegas.

Giving Thanks… the Bruner Way

The time that stretches from Thanksgiving to New Years is by far my favorite time of the year. It reminds me of all of the wonderful people I have in my life and how lucky I am to be the person I am and live the life I live.

This year, I am thankful to have come as far as I have; to be working for a company that values my professional development, as well as my personal well-being; to be surrounded on a daily basis by intelligent, caring, passionate individuals; to have the opportunity to use the skills I have acquired in a professional setting.

Here’s what some other Bruner employees are thankful for this year:

  • Lowell McElroy is thankful for gravy. “Where would this world be without GRAVY!? Gravy makes every food taste like home.”
  • Renna Schafler is thankful to have been blessed to have a job that helps ensure all of her needs and some of her wants.
  • Leslie Brungarth is thankful for good health amongst her family.
  • Dan Spurgeon is thankful for the great people in Bruner’s marketing department! (We’re thankful for you, too, Dan!)
  • Andrea Scott is thankful for making it through a very difficult year – still standing.
  • Paula Gayness is thankful that her entire family and close friends (including cats and dogs) are still alive and holding their health.
  • Zane Liston is thankful for many things this year. “My family is healthy, my job is rewarding, and I have made many new friends who have helped me understand the value of life.”
  • Eric Bailey is thankful for his new job at Bruner and the great people he gets to work with!

From everyone here at Bruner, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and ask, what you are thankful for this year?

Wendy Albright Joins the Service Department

New-hire Wendy Albright brings a wealth of industry experience to Bruner’s Service department. As the Service Coordinator, Wendy dispatches field technicians to service calls and ensures that all preventative maintenance is up-to-date.

“I love the interaction with the technicians and the closeness I have with them,” Wendy said. “It is nice to be able to talk or hang out outside of work with people you get along with inside the work place.”

Wendy most recently worked for Limbach in a similar role, which made her transition to Bruner smooth and easy. Prior to her work for Limbach, Wendy worked on the residential side of HVAC at Armstrong Air Conditioning.

When she’s not dispatching technicians or providing insight to the Service department, Wendy enjoys playing volleyball, as well as coaching high school freshmen girls volleyball at Central Crossing in Grove City. Her favorite foods to eat are chicken alfredo and cheesecake, and she is a huge OSU Football fan – which means she fits in well here at Bruner.

Wendy is also a single mother of two boys: Max, 9; and Alex, 6.

Welcome to the Bruner team, Wendy!

Promoting a Culture of Servant Leadership

As Bruner strives to grow as a business, we have adopted several practices to help propel us toward an employee’s first, customer-driven culture. One of those practices is the notion of Servant Leadership.

What is Servant Leadership, you ask? It’s a culture of serving those you lead; it’s a distribution of power and responsibility to allow employees to make their own decisions; it’s seeing things through the eyes of those you lead; it’s putting yourself in others’ shoes; and it’s keeping the well-being of fellow employees in mind.

Servant Leadership is not just a practice – it’s a culture of leading by example, which can be applied to both personal and professional lives. By embracing the role of a Servant Leader, you are choosing to uphold and embody the Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership. You seek lasting change, create authentic relationships, persevere with a non-anxious presence, invest in motivated people, and focus less on doing things the “right” way and more on doing what is right.

By empowering people and creating a positive work environment first, profits and success will follow.