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There’s an App for That

Smartphone market leader Apple has transformed the way people access data, with 98% of iPhone users using the data features on their phones. Even though Apple has made it consistently harder to publish an app over time, the HVAC industry was lucky enough to launch two iPhone apps in the past three months!

The most recent app is the “Ideal Gas Flow Rate Calculator” which helps installers by timing the gas flow and processing the formula.  Complicated conversion charts are needed no more, all you have to do is choose the type of meter, and follow the simple steps. Features within the app include:

U6 Meter Function:

  • A start/stop timer which automatically converts the time taken to burn 1ft3 of gas into a flow rate in ft3 and m3
  • Automatically converted heat input in kW and BTUs/hr

E6 Meter Function: All you have to do is type in the meter reading, start the two-minute timer, enter the new reading when prompted, and the results just simply pop up.

This is the first time that heating engineers can be provided with access to such an accurate measurement, and the best part is the app is free to download!

The predecessor of the Ideal Gas Flow Calculator is the “Ideal Boiler Sizing Guide” app which over its lifetime has already averaged around 500 downloads per month! Sizing a modern condensing boiler is a vital part of any central heating quote and is essential to the efficiency of the boiler. As the accuracy of sizing increases, so does the efficiency rating.  The Ideal Boiler Sizing Guide will make this task a lot easier by accurately calculating the boiler output required for a property in just a couple of minutes after entering project details. Entering the property type and measurements, location, window, and wall and roof type of the project are the details needed to complete the calculation. The app also conveniently stores customer details and the corresponding boiler output required for access wherever it is your job may take you. You can download it here:

So now for any need you may have, even carrying over into the HVAC industry– there’s an app for that!