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Award Winning Safety

On March 19, 2014, Bruner Corporation was recognized by the Safety Council of Greater Columbus for safety achievement by receiving:SCGC_color-medium

  • 100% Award one year without a lost-time accident
  • Special Award – over a million hours without a lost-time accident! 

At the award banquet this year, former Buckeye Maurice Clarett spoke to the safety driven audience about perseverance and the power of change. His message was “It’s never too late to change the direction of your life.” With safety as such a critical component of the construction process, this program reminded the audience of how easy it is to be led astray. Work must be performed in a safe manner to eliminate injury and illness to our employees, our customers and their employees, and the public.

Bruner regards safety as an integral part of our culture and maintains an award winning safety program. We are proud to say that our firm is  consistently recognized for both safety achievement and safety innovation in the construction industry.

In addition to the awards listed above, Bruner also received a Safety Achievement award and a Safety Innovation award from the Builder’s Exchange of Central Ohio this year. The Safety Achievement award is for outstanding injury and illness statistics and the Safety Innovation award is for companies that have implemented unique and exciting practices to increase safety awareness or solve a particular safety challenge. 

Safety 2013-63 - small

Banger Tool

For Bruner’s Innovation award, Mark Carlisle, Senior Project Manager, invented a tool that reduces strain on a worker while installing bangers. This tool stands 3.5 ft. tall and was used to install over 20,000 bangers on a new hospital tower.

By the old process, workers repeatedly bend over with their back hunched to physically hold the banger and use a hammer for attachment. The workers’ ergonomic risk is tremendous and often can result in pulling or straining back muscles from overuse. Fingers and hands are also at risk for laceration and crushed-by injuries.

This new tool allows the worker to perform the operation standing upright, and eliminates the need to physically hold the banger and use a hammer. The physical strength required to install the bangers is significantly less and the ergonomic strain, risk of pulled muscles and struck-by hazards are eliminated.

Before - After

Before                                                           After

Innovations such as these support Clarett’s message. There are always new and exciting innovations out there to heighten safety. Bruner is proud to a leader in this effort and will always look for more ways to provide a safer job site experience.

Visitors to Columbus’ Santa Maria can safely explore thanks to Jim Clark and Bruner Corporation

The Santa Maria Ship Museum in downtown Columbus welcomes all visitors to its 21st year in exhibition. In preparation of the 2012 tour season, improvements were made to the riverfront destination. One of these improvements included new safety rail installations attached to the

Visitors Center dock. With donated steel from Bruner Corporation, Jim Clark, Senior Design Engineer, spent his weekends designing & constructing the necessary safety rails. The challenge was positioning the rail posts deep enough below the dock to securely stabilize them. The finished design resulted in new, safe & secure dockside chain railings. Several Bruner employees also contributed to the effort including Rocky Carr, Purchasing Manager, and Kenny Brown, Fabrication Shop Foreman.

On behalf of Santa Maria, Inc., and the ship’s governing board of officers; Jim invites you to visit the ship this season. More information on tour hours and rates can be found at Learn about the experience & adventures of our city’s namesake, and while you’re there, take notice of Jim’s hard work!